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Aryan Khan’s ‘ridiculously costly’ clothing collection is going online, with prices starting at $24,000 for a T-shirt and $2 lakh for a blazer.

On Sunday, the website for D'YAVOL X, a new clothing line by Aryan Khan, was unveiled. People cried "ridiculously expensive" when they saw the brand's prices.

Aryan-KhanShah Rukh Khan appears in a trailer for D’YAVOL X that was directed by Aryan Khan.

The launch of the website for Aryan Khan’s opulent apparel company D’YAVOL X on Sunday stunned internet users with its ‘ridiculously exorbitant’ pricing. Shah Rukh Khan and Aryan have been hyping up the brand and its imminent debut for the past several weeks, sparking a lot of anticipation among fans. Also recently released was an advertisement featuring the superstar. In it, the father and son wear similar D’YAVOL X clothing and almost seem identical.

Many people were unable to access the website as soon as it launched. We’re seeing extremely high traffic and checkout volumes, the brand noted in a status post on Twitter. Thank you for your patience. The website was afterwards declared to be accessible again and operational.

When they saw the costs, Instagram users expressed their disbelief in the comments section. One person said, “Khan Saab even if I sell my one kidney won’t be enough I have to sell both of my kidneys.” Another person said, “Just looked at the pricing; they’re insane. A man of middle class could never afford that. Refreshing the website for the past hour while waiting since the teaser. I suppose bad luck. Another admirer questioned, “2 lakh for a leather jacket?”

Regarding the price range of the clothing brand, Diet Sabya, an Instagram account that specialises in fashion, also made a comment. A screenshot from the store showing a white T-shirt with a printed pattern priced at 24,400 was published by them on their Instagram Stories. A garment cost over two lakhs and another black hoodie was valued at 45,500. “What is happening? “, was the caption that appeared next to the screenshots of the outfit. Just want to talk to whoever the f**k has done the costing on this.

Aryan recently discussed his interaction with his father on set. Working with my father is never difficult because of his passion and experience, he said in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar. Additionally, he is very respectful of everyone and makes the entire crew feel at ease. I usually make an additional effort to pay attention when he’s working so I don’t miss anything.

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