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Can Kim Kardashian act? Twitter weighs in on her performance in the American Horror Story Delicate trailer

Kim_Kardashian_Emma_RobertsKim Kardashian’s acting skills were put on display in the trailer for American Horror Story: Delicate, which was released on Wednesday. The trailer, which features a glimpse of Kim’s character, has received mixed reactions from fans. Some fans are impressed with Kim’s acting, while others are skeptical. It remains to be seen how Kim will fare in her acting debut.

In a trailer released by FX on September 6, Kim Kardashian appears in multiple scenes for the upcoming season of the horror anthology series. In the beginning of the trailer, she tells Emma Roberts, “You are an A-list star now. Focus on the good.” Kardashian is playing the role of Siobhan Walsh, who appears to be a friend or employee of Roberts’ character, Anna Alcott.

Up-and-coming actor Anna wants a baby, but thinks some forces are conspiring to prevent her from becoming pregnant and eventually giving birth. These include Cara Delevingne’s character, who Anna believes is following her. Kim tries to calm down her friend Anna as she tells her not to ‘turn her dreams into nightmares’.

Kim Kardashian’s character, Siobhan Walsh, asks Emma Roberts’ character, Anna Leigh, if she wants an Oscar as much as she wants a baby. Anna replies that she does. Later in the trailer, Siobhan sings the lullaby “Rock-a-bye Baby” to Anna, a nursery rhyme about babies falling out of trees. This suggests that Siobhan may not be as friendly as she seems, and that she may have ulterior motives.

The trailer for the new season of American Horror Story: Delicate was released, and it caused a stir on Twitter. Some people shared their thoughts on the trailer, while others said they would only watch the season for Kim Kardashian. One person tweeted, “I’m curious to see how Kim Kardashian does in her acting debut.”

Many people were impressed by Kim Kardashian’s performance in the trailer. One person wrote that it was “major” that she was second on the cast list. Another person said that she was “one of the best casting choices” they had ever seen. A third person predicted that she would “shock us all” with her acting. Someone else said that it was “funny” to see her in the trailer, but that she “served.” A fan on Twitter even wrote, “Oh my God, Kimmy ate!”

Not everyone was happy about Kim Kardashian’s casting in the new season of American Horror Story. One Twitter user said, “I may not watch this season just because she’s in it.” Another asked, “Why did they cast her? That’s the only reason I’m not watching.” However, a third user replied, “I had the same thought, but it actually seems interesting.”

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