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Director Fenton Bailey provides insight into the real Britney Spears, revealing her to be a nice and reserved person.

In a candid interview, director Fenton Bailey reveals the genuine nature of pop diva Britney Spears, calling her "sweet, normal, and shy."

Britney-SpearsThe 29th annual GLAAD Media Awards include Britney Spears as a guest. 

Fenton Bailey, who directed the documentary I Am Britney Jean about Britney Spears, provided enlightening insight into the pop star’s genuine nature. Spears, in contrast to her public persona, was a “sweet, normal, and shy” person when they were together in 2013, when Britney Jean was released and she was starting her Las Vegas residency.

The pop icon’s life was captured authentically behind the scenes in Bailey’s documentary, offering a rare look into her daily activities. He used flattering adjectives like “sweet and lovely” to describe Spears, then voiced his amazement at learning that she was a “normal, boring person.” Bailey used Spears’ admission that she was bashful and considerate of other people’s viewpoints as evidence of her thoughtfulness.

Spears dealt with a complicated legal situation throughout her career that gave her father, Jamie, influence over her personal choices and income. But in November 2021, a court in Los Angeles lifted the conservatorship, capping a 13-year legal struggle and a big win for the singer, 41. The “Free Britney” movement had fervent support from her supporters, who frequently displayed banners calling for her release outside the court.

Bailey also discussed the effects of the “Free Britney” campaign, arguing that they might not have been altogether favourable for Spears. When he thought back on his time working with her, he acknowledged a discrepancy between how the media portrayed her and the outstanding work she produced, citing albums like Blackout and Circus as “masterpieces.” Bailey found it puzzling that she attracted criticism and unfavourable attention.

The documentary’s goal was to give an accurate picture of the pop star’s life and was approved by Spears herself. Spears, her parents, and her manager appeared to get along well throughout filming, according to Bailey. He did admit, though, that there could have been underlying tensions.

These kinds of discoveries help people better comprehend the difficulties Britney Spears has had and the courage she has displayed throughout her career as her tale continues to captivate the world.

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