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International Dance Day | Nora Fatehi: Dance has influenced my life and brought people together from all over the world.

Actress Nora Fatehi discusses her experiences with dancing in the entertainment industry on International dancing Day.

Nora-FatehiNora Fatehi is well-known for her dance talents.

Nora Fatehi, an actress and dancer, entered the spotlight due to her dancing ability and hasn’t looked back since. On International Dancing Day (April 29), she declares that she would continue to use dance as a form of self-expression since she recognises that she cannot separate her identity from dancing.

“Dance is a part of who I am; it’s a destined relationship that not only helped me become ‘Nora Fatehi,’ but also helped connect millions of people around the world. Thanks to my connection to dance, Fatehi acknowledges, I am able to express my artistic self and, at the same time, inspire people all over the world.

After she made an appearance on a reality TV show, the dance number Dilbar, which showcased her movements and belly dancing skills, caused her to enter the infamous spiral. Through the success of songs like Saki Saki, Garmi, Naach Meri Rani, and Jehda Nasha, she continued to rise up the celebrity food chain.

Fatehi believes that International Dance Day is a great opportunity to emphasise the advantages of dancing and to encourage people to shake a leg.

Even though I appreciate dance every day of the year, it’s important to recognise the positive impact dancing has had on her life and the lives of so many others.

The artist is upfront and honest about how dance has affected her life and career, stating that it has “opened doors for me, a way for me to win the hearts of the public and the business.” In my life, dance has evolved into a platform that allows me to showcase my full set of abilities as a versatile artist, has put me on the biggest international stages, and has created chances for a girl like me that were previously unthinkable. I’ve been able to accomplish my ambitions as an actor, singer, and performer in ways that I never thought were possible because to dancing.

Even though everyone admires her dance skills, she continues to put in a lot of effort to get better.

“My passion and fervour for dance have always been at an all-time high, and they only continue to develop. I want to explore with various dance styles and performance philosophies every day. I’ve been fascinated by how dancing has evolved through time, and I’ve also had the opportunity to provide others a stage on which to demonstrate their dance prowess,” she continues.

To promote dance culture, she created the social media campaign #dancewithnora, and thanks to it, she has seen people all over the world dancing to her songs, emulating her dance skills, and even adding their own choreography and dance routines.

She claims that this has developed into a constant urge for her to keep emphasising the value of dance in this profession

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