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Malaika Arora enjoys preparing meals for Arjun Kapoor: Why would he cook if he doesn’t know how to prepare chai?

(Images Credits: / Instagram /malaikaaroraofficial)

According to Malaika Arora, Arjun Kapoor does not even know how to make tea, so she prepares for him “all the time.” Malaika said that it would be absurd to expect him to cook for her because he has no cooking skills at all. Since a few years ago, Malaika and Arjun have been dating.

An prior marriage between Malaika and Arbaaz Khan ended in divorce in 2017. Despite occasionally being spotted together in Mumbai, Malaika and Arbaaz are still co-parenting their son Arhaan Khan. In 2019, when they started interacting with each other in interviews and on social media and even posing for photos with the paparazzi, she made their relationship public.

Malaika said, “I cook for Arjun all the time,” when asked to remember the first time she prepared food for him. I won’t make the error of having him do the cooking. It seems a little odd to expect someone to prepare food if they can’t cook. Why would he cook when he can’t even prepare chai? It’s okay that I enjoy cooking. Neither of us must prepare food. The most essential thing is that he likes the meals I make.

Malaika has been documenting her culinary endeavours with photos and videos since since the pandemic-induced lockdown compelled many people to learn how to cook. She frequently observed Arjun and Malaika eating meals she had made. She appeared on the Stars Vs. Food reality culinary competition programme on Discovery.

This month, Malaika told Brides Today that Arjun is “very liberated and extremely caring.” She said that he was “insanely wise for his age.” I don’t think they produce men like that anymore, Malaika had added, adding that she could get married.

I could go on forever, but these are the traits that I most value. Right now, I feel like I am at my best, and I want to continue working in this capacity for the next 30 years. I don’t want to be in the background; I want to explore a lot of enterprises, go on vacations, and I would want to settle down with Arjun and advance our relationship since I believe we are both prepared for it.

Malaika most recently appeared in Guru Randhawa’s latest music video Tera Ki Khayal, her OTT debut, and the reality series Moving In With Malaika.

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