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Priyanka Chopra discusses a “embarrassing memory” of what she did after consuming Mexican food: “I’d like to put that behind me.”

No one knew about the "really embarrassing memory," which Priyanka Chopra recounted and said she would prefer to completely forget.

priyanka_chopraIn her speech, Priyanka Chopra mentioned a “really embarrassing memory.”

Actress Priyanka Chopra shared a “really embarrassing memory” that she wishes she could forget. Priyanka described an incident in which she “farted in public” in a recent interview. Priyanka remained mum on the incident’s timing or location, though.

The Love Again movie premiere recently took place in New York, and Priyanka was there with her husband, musician Nick Jonas. Leading roles in the movie are played by Priyanka and Sam Heughan. Also showing up in the movie in a cameo was Nick.

Priyanka discussed a particularly uncomfortable moment when appearing on The Lateish Show with Mo Gillian. “I’d like to forget that I once farted in front of people,” she said. For lunch, I had Mexican. Nobody was aware. Nothing is being denied by us. An Instagram user who claimed to be a fan posted a clip from the interview with the comment “Relatable.” “Nooo Priyanka!!!” a person exclaimed. How come you are so direct?

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Priyanka recently discussed how her nose surgery placed her in a “deep depression” and how it affected her life. She said that this occurred not long after she took home the Miss World crown in 2000. It was a dark time, she stated in a conversation on The Howard Stern Show. I experienced this, and as a result, my face has an entirely new appearance, and I developed a severe sadness. As a result of being sacked from three distinct films, the actor claimed that she believed her acting career “was over before it even started.”

The actor confessed to the presenter that following the procedure, she isolated herself to her home, but her late father Ashok Chopra had pushed her to get the necessary surgery. I was petrified, but he assured me, “I’ll be in the room with you. He supported me by keeping his hands on me and helped me regain my confidence, she said. A surgical procedure to remove a polyp from the actor’s nasal cavity resulted in the nose bridge collapsing, as the actor described in her autobiography Unfinished.

Alongside Stanley Tucci and Richard Madden, Priyanka now appears in the Prime Video series Citadel. Two elite agents of the international secret agency Citadel, Mason Kane (Richard Madden) and Nadia Sinh (Priyanka), are the focus of the action-packed, The Russo Brothers-produced television programme.

Sam and her co-star in her most recent film, the rom-com Love Again. After her partner’s passing, Priyanka in the movie gives love another try. In the film Jee Le Zaraa, directed by Farhan Akhtar, she will be featured with Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif. The movie has not yet begun production.

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