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Regarding criticism for wearing skimpy clothing, Charu Asopa said, “People say my clothes are getting smaller as my divorce approaches.”

You shouldn't assess a person's character solely on how they are dressed, according to Charu Asopa. She claimed that because she is a single mother, she is told she cannot wear exposing clothing.

Charu_AsopaAccording to Charu Asopa, people criticise her for dressing in skimpy attire.

Actress Charu Asopa recently discussed how she continually faces criticism for her glitzy picture sessions and skimpy attire because she is the sole parent to Ziana. After her kid was born, Charu Asopa talked openly about how she was able to shed her pregnancy weight. She also retaliated against trolls who stigmatised her for being a mother.

Charu said that she has worn similar attire in the past as well, but that now that she has ended her relationship with actor Rajeev Sen, she is scrutinised for her wardrobe choices. Additionally, Charu said that in just four months, she had shed 10 kilogrammes and looks more trim than before.

There is stigma associated with wearing skimpy clothing when you are a mother. Some individuals say, “Jaise jaise divorce ka date paas aa raha hai, waise waise kapde chote hote ja rahe hain” as the divorce date draws near. (As in the divorce) day approaches, her clothing is growing shorter). Although it was acceptable back then, I used to wear similar clothing. However, as a single mother that is no longer the case. It doesn’t imply that I don’t care for my daughter if I’m wearing such clothing. People tell you to put the child first; leave everything else,” Charu told ETimes.

The actor said, “You can’t judge a person’s character based on their clothes.” I’m unsure of the source of such remarks and the mindset of such individuals, Charu added. Or perhaps individuals have been told that they should stop living their lives once they become mothers. The mother also gives birth to the child. In addition to being Ziana’s mother, I can also be her friend, so she may tell me anything. You’re not required to lead a particular lifestyle. Additionally, character cannot be inferred from appearance.

In 2019, Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen got married, and in 2021, their daughter was born. But shortly, there were rumblings that they were divorcing. The pair decided to give their marriage another shot last year when they were about to separate. But they have now chosen to split up once more.

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